We invite all students, families, and employees of CLV to participate in our first ever Virtual Halloween Costume Parade! Starting on October 5th until October 29th at 3pm, upload your costume submission to be included in our virtual parade footage which will air on Friday, October 30th, 2020 at 10am on our school website.

We will have awards for following Halloween costume categories:

1) The Most Creative,

2) the Most Original,

3) The Cutest,

4) The Funniest, and

5) The Overall Best Costume.

COSTUME EXPECTATIONS: We encourage students to dress and participate in our annual Halloween Parade. Please be advised that we do not allow:

* No weapons (fake guns, knives, swords, etc.)

* Nothing that makes fun of others or cultures

* No costumes that are meant to scare (ex. scary clowns)

Starting on October 5th through October 29th, upload a picture of your child's Halloween costume via SeeSaw activity in your class. These photos will be put together to create our virtual Halloween Costume Parade, which will air on Friday, October 30th at 10am.

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