2020 Virtual Halloween Parade

2020 Halloween Costume Winners

December 2020: Kindergarten 'I AM a READER' Parade

To help kick-off our At-Home Reading Challenge, we celebrated our youngest readers' with a parade!!!  Our Kindergartners have been building their independent reading stamina and are currently reading 15 - 20 minutes each day in school!  Each child is walking the halls with their favorite Read-to-Self book that they are able to read all by themselves! 

Thank you to all of the teachers, teacher aides, service providers, families and students who made this magical moment happen!!!

December 2020: CLV's GOT TALENT Showcase

Trimester #1: Kindness Cadets Virtual Ceremony

Here are our Kindness Cadets for Trimester #1:


PreK:                 Phoebe Snyder, Renley Stoll, 

                          Addison Bradley, Leo Gerwitz

Kindergarten:  Avery Schultz, Paxton Stoll, Landry Brown,  

                          Megan Westfall

1st Grade:        Bryan Dreaver, Zoey Winder, 

                          Katherine Klein, Emma Huber, Colt Conklin

2nd Grade:       Vincent Moses, JayCee Swan,  

                          Elizabeth Terhune, Brecken Huber

3rd Grade:        Briella Bogue, Cooper Dunkleman, 

                          Carolyne Borgheiinck, Oakley Schultz,  

                          Bliss Winters

4th Grade:        Mackenzie Barber, Gabriel Tackentien, 

                          Leah Lincoln

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